No, this is not just a R & D Project Market and/or Competition. Business ideas and teams with technological depth and innovation, and the ability of commercialization will compete in this program. Every entrepreneurship candidate and legal entity to add value to the textile industry can apply. We recommend that you take a look at the page of Technological Areas to Focus on.

Teams who do not yet have a company as well as entrepreneurs who have already started a company may apply, as long as the technological depth and / or innovative value of their application is remarkable.

We would like to underscore our belief that knowledge and technology are built upon education: Any ambitious person who is older than 18 years old, whether a Turkish citizen or a foreign national, can apply.

Our aim is to expand trainings across a broader base. To this end, once the initial assessment following the application process is complete, numerous potential entrepreneurs will be invited to training programs. These 2-day trainings will be repeated on different dates. We strongly encourage you to participate in these, although participation is not obligatory. If there is availability, you may participate in the training together with your teammates as well.

Nothing is obligatory in entrepreneurship. Our goal here is to train potential entrepreneurs, provide mentoring services, introduce them to the players in the market, and give our support. The decision to establish a company or not belongs to the entrepreneur. However, it is an important outcome and expectation of our program for potential entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas in a way that adds value to the economy (and in various business models).

The main aim of the organizing institutions and companies that develop, implement and facilitate this program is to support entrepreneurs such as yourself and to enable the textile companies which are the major players of the sector to collaborate with entrepreneurs within a "win-win" model. The organizing institutions and companies will not have any material expectation or demand from the companies, sales, profit, commercialization and intellectual property rights that may appear in this process. The aim here is to contribute to Turkey's entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

The main evaluation criteria are as follows: technical feasibility, marketability, scalability for the investor, technological and / or innovative depth, harmonious and balanced teamwork, national and domestic character.

A frequent concern for entrepreneurial teams that develop technologies and engage in innovation is for their original ideas and technological advancements to be stolen. However, experience shows that this is not actually very accurate, since most ideas are already evaluated and studied by multiple individuals at the same time. In order to make sure that entrepreneurs feel comfortable in this regard, the institutions and organizations that manage and implement the program want to underline that we will be meticulous as regards intellectual property rights. Nonetheless, we still recommend that you reveal those ideas and developments that you consider to be critical only to the extent that you deem appropriate.

It is not necessary, but the initiative practice shows that entrepreneurship and innovation require a certain team spirit that brings together various disciplines. In this sense, the existence of a balanced team will provide positive outcome for you entrepreneurs. In addition, you will see a differentiation of individual/team in the Application section. You should make a “Team Application” if you are a team.